Thursday, November 30, 2006

ICA Slide Show Preview

The Boston Globe's architecture critic praised the new ICA on Boston's waterfront in today's column. It provides interesting background on the architects who have built few US structures and come from a pure art background. The slide show and audio commentary provide a great sneak peak to the building. I especially look forward to seeing the Mediatheque that slants down so the windows are filled with a view of only water. I am also looking forward to seeing the final installation of digital signage that is managed via an XML feed from our web database.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Institute of Contemporary Art Boston Launches New Web Site

In preparation for the opening their new facility on Boston's waterfront, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston launched their new web site powered by ContentBridge, OHO's content management system. The site features an artistic application of stylesheets that allows the user to manipulate the color scheme of the site. The new facility will open December 10th with a free 12-hour open house.

Red Sox Nation Identity Project

The Boston Red Sox have selected OHO to develop a new logo for their number one marketing program, the Red Sox Nation. The program was begun two seasons ago and has recruited over 100,000 "offical citizens" since its inception. The Red Sox turned to OHO to help brand the Red Sox Nation program and establish it as a product. The new logo will roll out in December with the launch of the 2007 Red Sox Nation program.